November 18

 I don’t know what the heck this is….It started out to be a zentangle and ended up being some kind of  hippy chick flower power thingamagig.  I think it’s pretty cute even though it’s a little cartoony.  This was about all I have time for today.  This creative everyday is a lot of fun, but I’ve been letting a lot of chores slide.  I’m fine with not doing the house work, but we do like to eat so I guess I have at least go to the grocery store.   I hate shopping for groceries!

I hope everyone has a very creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

November 9

This is a colored pencil sketch on bristol smooth for the Art Every Day Month.  I think this little flower suits my mood right now.  It is such a beautiful day and  I’m feeling so much better now that  I can actually breathe through at least one of my nostrils. Yep, it’s a good day.

Be Well and Happy!

Alana’s Zentangle…


Ink/colored pencil/graphite  on Bristol smooth

     I made my daughter a happy camper Monday morning when I finished this for her.  She picked out the colors,  the patterns and kept watch to see how it was coming along.  She was a little disappointed when she went to bed Sunday night and her Zentangle wasn’t done.  So, I stayed up and finally completed it a little after midnight then I popped in a frame and put it on the counter. When she went to the kitchen that morning, she had her little surprise waiting for and I hope that it was a good start to her Monday. 

   I wish the image was a lot better, but I’m nothing if I’m not consistent, LOL… 

Be Well and Happy!


ATCs and Art of a Different Kind…

 Zentangle ATC – Ink on Bristol Smooth


Bleeding Heart Flower ATC – Colored Pencil on Bristol Smooth

   These images keep getting worse….I’m sorry about that, hopefully I will get this resolved soon.  These ATC’s are the cards that I sent Chrissy Marie.  I think the Zentangle was her favorite out of the two and it’s mine too.   Love those Zentangles!

      Thank Goodness we only have a couple more things to do before we are finally able to put the house up for sale.   Yipee!!! They are pretty big jobs and will have to wait for the weekend. So this week has been pretty easy.      I could not bring myself to finish the W.I.P. of my retriever. Maybe I’ll be in the mood to finish it soon…I hate to leave unfinished projects.     I did  get a strange request this week that I could not resist.  I have been asked to draw a lot of things (mostly dogs) but this was the first time I got a  request to draw and design a tattoo.  And let me tell you, I had a blast!  I’ve always thought I would have been a pretty good tattoo artist.  Not to mention, with what they cost now a days?  Good Living to say the least.  What bothers me is the places people choose to get them.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I’m a tad bit bashful…well…. a lot bashful  and I don’t think a tattoo done with my eyes closed would look too good…  Anyway, I can’t wait to show you the design, but it has to stay under wraps until it’s on the skin.    Heck, forget the fame and fortune!  You know you’ve made it when someone wants your artwork with them forever….I’m just joking of course, but it’s still pretty cool.  Have a great weekend and I’m wishing blue skies for everyone!

Be Well and Happy!

Saturday Suprise…..

   Saturday was feeling pretty lousy.  I woke up already dreading David heading back out-of-town, even though he had just come home the night before.  I was so tired and dreading what work lay ahead, fearing at the same time that we would never get done, so we can sell the house.  Overall, I was headed for being depressed the whole weekend.  Then, I received this package in the mail.  Needless to say, this little treasure added a lot of sunshine to my Saturday.

    Chrissy Marie made some ATC’s as part of her art therapy and of course being a huge fan of her work, I jumped at the chance to trade Artist  Cards with her.    She also sent a beautiful booklet that included the rest of her ATC’s with quotes and poems and a lovely handmade card.  She’s a has a great blog filled with art, amazing photography, knitting and paper crafts.  Chrissy’s blog is never boring which is why she rates as one of my favorites:)

    Chrissy’s Art Therapy project can be found  (here).

      It is such a pleasure getting to know her through her blog and I so look forward to reading her blog for many years to come. 

Thank You Chrissy and your ATC is on it’s way!

FYI – ATC Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 Artist Trading Cards in any medium that is signed and dated on the back. 

Be Well and Happy!

Golden Retriever…

Golden Retriever

Colored Pencil on Stonehenge

   Well,  long time no posts.  I have been doing a lot of home improvements as of late…none of them are fun or interesting enough to mention and I am no where near finished with all of my mundane tasks.  But I haven’t drawn anything   in so long that I said heck with it, and I spent the entire afternoon painting this Golden Retriever.  Excuse the picture, I have camera issues again and I accidentally cut the top off the background.   I am tickled pink with how it turned out:) 

    I’m hoping I can sneak away to my drawing board again this week….Wish me Luck!

Be Well and Happy!

EDM Montage….


EDM Challenges

 Colored Pencil on Sketch

 Since I am so far behind on completing my EDM challenges, I thought I do another grouping.   It was a great exercise in practicing colored pencil and layering color.  I used my cheapo sketch pad and colored pencil set. 

EDM #33 Draw an eye – I liked this exercise and I will probably do more of them on my own.  The books are right in saying that it is less daunting practicing one part at a time. 

EDM #26 Draw a vegetable or anything you like – This is my beautiful carrot drawing and my favorite drawing of all the exercises.

EDM #19 Draw something you’ve made – This is a pair of ear rings that I made for my sister-in-law.  The ear rings are supposed to resemble tie-dye and were made out of polymer clay. 

EDM #40 Draw something with folds – This is from an exercise that I got out of a book.  I have a lot of difficulty with folds too.  I messed up some of the drawing by adding violet to heavily.

EDM #39 Draw your toothbrush – This is my cool black and pink toothbrush.  It’s is one of those breast cancer proceeds brushes.  The odd shapes in the brush made it a fun exercise.

EDM #22 Draw something old or vintage – This is a drawing of my Great-grandpa’s shaving brush.  The brush is one of my precious treasures.

EDM #23 Draw your foot – Well, I’ll never draw my naked foot, but here’s a drawing  of my foot in my favorite handmade,  half-inch thick, knitted house socks….Better than shoes! 

Be Well and Happy!


Merry Christmas!


 Colored Pencil on sketch

       Well, I guess this is my last  entry until after the holidays.  I haven’t completed any new artwork, so I am posting this candy cane that I drew and colored in with crayola colored pencils a long time ago.  This is one of my favorite sketches and is certainly relevant to the upcoming season.  I do have a few pieces of art that I will be able to share after the pieces get to their homes.   But other than that, I’ve been shopping, wrapping, baking.  Then I had to give Sam his Christmas shave.  I had to get him handsome so he could see his girlfriend…It’s true love…really!

The drawing on the top is Sam and the one on the bottom  is Shasta.   A beautiful couple huh?  NOT!

      I’m going home for Christmas  and as it turns out I will also there for my birthday on the 23rd.  I am sooooo excited.  I haven’t been able spend Christmas with my family  for the past couple of years so I can’t wait! Oh, and did I say that I was excited?  

    I guess that’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas!






Colored pencil, watercolor with watercolor pencil, pastel and ink

 on Strathmore 140 lb. coldpress watercolor paper

     My rock models were variations of grey,  black and brown.  I thought it was really boring so I added different colors.  It looks more like something you would find in a fish bowl.  This took me three days to complete and I can’t decide if I like it or not, but it was  good  playing with all those mediums at one time.  

 It was brought to my attention that my poor blog has been neglected, and it has.  I had been doing so well with keeping up with my posts up until this month, and I promise I will try to do better, but this is what’s been going on:

1.)  I have three portraits I have been working on.  Pretty easy… One lil white dog, and one portrait drawn twice.  It’s for my cousin, and we are trading services, she is making me two handmade wall hangings and I am drawing her portraits.  I’m sure the portraits are Christmas presents so I can’t show that, but I’m pretty sure I can post the dog  after she gets it.  

2.) I was trying to participate in the Drawing from the Masters group.  This month its Van Gogh.  Almost two weeks of work, and it looks h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!! (so far) I’m not disppointed I knew it would be a big stretch for me  BUT even if the painting tanks, I’ve studied the life of the artist and you’ll will have to suffer through a mini report. 

3.) I have been trying to think of a new name for my blog, trying to come up with my own banner and changing the format.  I like the black, but I think it just too hard to read. 

4.) I have been working on a way over the top,  Top Secret project that even the hubby knows nothing about it!

Throw in sickness, soccer, and school and that’s about it.  I will try to better, I promise.