Saturday Suprise…..

   Saturday was feeling pretty lousy.  I woke up already dreading David heading back out-of-town, even though he had just come home the night before.  I was so tired and dreading what work lay ahead, fearing at the same time that we would never get done, so we can sell the house.  Overall, I was headed for being depressed the whole weekend.  Then, I received this package in the mail.  Needless to say, this little treasure added a lot of sunshine to my Saturday.

    Chrissy Marie made some ATC’s as part of her art therapy and of course being a huge fan of her work, I jumped at the chance to trade Artist  Cards with her.    She also sent a beautiful booklet that included the rest of her ATC’s with quotes and poems and a lovely handmade card.  She’s a has a great blog filled with art, amazing photography, knitting and paper crafts.  Chrissy’s blog is never boring which is why she rates as one of my favorites:)

    Chrissy’s Art Therapy project can be found  (here).

      It is such a pleasure getting to know her through her blog and I so look forward to reading her blog for many years to come. 

Thank You Chrissy and your ATC is on it’s way!

FYI – ATC Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 Artist Trading Cards in any medium that is signed and dated on the back. 

Be Well and Happy!

One thought on “Saturday Suprise…..

  1. Carol, thank you. You are more than welcome and I am really pleased that is cheered you up not a not so nice day. You take care and I hope that everything sorts itself out for you soon. It isn’t so good living in limbo, so sending you some “happy thoughts”

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