Greenbeans and getting arrested…


green beans

EDM #112 Draw something fresh

Prismacolor on Bristol smooth

        These beans were simple to do and it only took about 15 minutes to complete.  I don’t know what I am going to do with all these when I am done.  This does fit the EDM challenge 112 Draw something fresh.

On an unrelated note:  I got an email yesterday. It was one of those jokey ones that I usually don’t respond to.  This email got me thinking so I complied and forwarded it to some of my family and friends.  It said If you saw me in a police car what would you think I was arrested for?  Here are the responses:  Speeding (I use to be a lead foot not so much anymore)  Torturing a dog after it tried to molest me ( I was bent over in my front yard and my dog tried to mount me in front of about 5-6 people and I could not get him off of me.  When I finally got him off of me, I chased him all over the  yard with a shoe threating to kill him.   NO HARM CAME TO MY DOG.   Because someone tried to do something to Alana ( yeah, I would) It doesn’t matter, she would get out of it (I’ve gotten out of LOTS of tickets…for speeding)  Fussing at some fussy ass chap  (True, I can’t watch a smart alleck  kid, I mean it physically hurts…and I try to hold it as long as I can, but sometimes it just flies out of my mouth before I can stop myself)  

So, if someone saw you in a police car what would they think you were arrested for? 




Prismacolor on Bristol smooth

     I don’t like this at all.  It’s too blue.  Kinda funny that I think a blueberry is too blue, but it is.  It needed to be a blacker blue.  I used indigo and that is the darkest color blue that I have.  It just ended up “cartoony”  and  I don’t have a clue with what’s going on with the  right berry, maybe  it’s starting to rot…. 





Prismacolor on Bristol

     This week was spent  thinking about small exercises that I could do in colored pencil.  I wanted to pick small projects that would take about 15-30 minutes.  I knew for certain that did not want to draw fruits and veggies and I sure as heck did not want to draw another APPLE.  But there I was all week collecting ref. material for fruits and veggies.  I hate to admit it, but they are the best to start with, I guess.  They have simple shapes  and different depths and variations of one or two colors.  so why fight it.

I’m not to happy this this lemon, it just about glows in the dark!  I used a color pallet from one of my c.p. books.   I guess you can’t believe everything you read. For now,  I am putting the books away and I’m going to wing it.    I really shouldn’t be using them anyway.  I hope I have something better to show next time.  As for today, it ends on a sour note….My nuclear lemon.

Mom in Graffiti…


EDM #  67 Draw something Mom

Colored pencil on card stock

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”  -Washington Irving


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!     And a special Mother’s Day wish to my mom and Mrs. Ottaway.   We Love You!

Carol and David

VSD-April (in color)


Rhododendron Bud

Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil on Bristol Smooth

    I like the graphite version better, but either way I should have included a background.   Also, I need to work on my heavy hand.  I use too much pressure and I hold on to my pencil for dear life….not a good thing for building layers of color.   This is from VSD-April and the picture was taken by Jeanette Jobson.

A Cockatoo in Color

bird-cp1Colored Pencil on Bristol Vellum

Photo by Lady Carol

     This is a little bit of a cheat.   I completed this before I did the other drawing.   I don’t like this version very much.  I changed the branch and added  feet to my graphite drawing.  I wanted to play with color, but vellum is not very kind to colored pencil.  I think the paper is just too grainy.  But there it is. 

     We  have been really busy working on redoing Alana’s bedroom.  We didn’t get started until Saturday afternoon, but I managed to paint the ceiling, walls and trim, and throw in painting the same in the closet…all painted  by 6:00 Sunday night.  David put in a ceiling fan, stained the trim and is putting in 2 replacement windows and 2 doors.  The room is really pretty.  The ceiling is white, and the walls are lilac (ish) with cream trim.   I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get the room done.  David had to go out of town again for the week and we still have to put up the doors put in a window and put up the molding.   It is nice to know that if we start a little earlier we could probably get a room done in a weekend.  

Slide Show

I have new drawings, but I can’t post them right now. I had to get a new computer and I have been trying to reload some programs and feel my way around. This computer is  different from my little Gateway notebook. I have a program now that will make a music slide show. After I found that reloading fell by the waist side, and I spent all morning making slide shows from my pictures. I made a good one from last summer with the kids swimming in the pool (I’ll post if I get permission from their Mom). Then, I made one of the animals that I have drawn so far. I couldn’t upload it to my blog because I don’t have the upgraded version. So I tried to do the same thing on One True Media, uploaded the code to vodpod then to wordpress. There has to be an easier way, but not being computer savvy…It was the best I could do.  So many gadgets so little time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Animal Drawings On Parade at One True…“, posted with vodpod



German Shepherd Part 2

Caran d’Ache Colored Pencil on drafting film

EDM#  118 Draw hair or something with hair

german-shepherd-cp1 ( Cropped from a photo taken by mural-artist)

     I just love drawing dogs.  I made a list of all the dogs that I want to draw. Why?  I think it’s the fur that attracts me. When I do all those monotonous strokes I just go into a trance like state.   I guess it hypnotizes me because I am always left relaxed and calm.

   This is my second attempt in using drafting film.  The first time I was struggling  and it didn’t turned out the way I wanted it to look.  This time… much better.  I didn’t have any trouble aside for the normal complications that I would have had anyway.  And I am very happy with the results.  I love it when a plan comes together!

A New Year Begins….

 EDM #9 Draw a bit of organized chaos

EDM #12 Draw what you ate for dinner

EDM #13 Draw your telephone

EDM #15 Draw a tree, leaves or branches

EDM # 16 Draw your favorite tool

Graphite and Colored Pencil on Sketch


     EDM 9 is the inside of a wrist watch. EDM 16 is a wire bending tool for jewelry making. EDM 12 is a sad drawing of a great dinner.  EDM 15 is my Harry Potterish tree.  EDM 13 is my phone with the number 867-5309 on the screen then I just had to add a bathroom stall.  I know I am dating myself, but as I began to draw the phone that song just came to me and I ended up singing it until I was finished drawing.

    I have been giving a lot of thought to my resolutions, goals and lists.  I really am not into structure; well not in my personal life anyway.  I have been in a  K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) mode ever since I quit work to stay home with Alana.   So in the end I have no resolutions, no immediate goals and no list for them.   I am just going to enjoy the drawing, the painting, the beading and the reading all year long.

Happy Birthday to Carol and Karen

carol-and-karen1My sister and I celebrated our birthday together Saturday and a good time was had by all.  We had dinner at Jillian’s and after we shot a little pool and the kids played in the arcade.  Rob and David gave Karen and I a gift certificate to the spa.  I have to admit that they did pretty good.  I have never been and I’ve wordered what the  hype was about.  And now I get to find out.   This morning when I woke up a couple of sleepy faces wished me a happy birthday, I got a card from David, Vicki sent me a birthday post card and I got this fudge ice cream cake that was tonight’s dessert.  Man, that thing was tastey!!!!    

         Below is a quick sketch of a cupcake that I did.



This will be the last post until after the holidays.  I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas!