ATCs and Art of a Different Kind…

 Zentangle ATC – Ink on Bristol Smooth


Bleeding Heart Flower ATC – Colored Pencil on Bristol Smooth

   These images keep getting worse….I’m sorry about that, hopefully I will get this resolved soon.  These ATC’s are the cards that I sent Chrissy Marie.  I think the Zentangle was her favorite out of the two and it’s mine too.   Love those Zentangles!

      Thank Goodness we only have a couple more things to do before we are finally able to put the house up for sale.   Yipee!!! They are pretty big jobs and will have to wait for the weekend. So this week has been pretty easy.      I could not bring myself to finish the W.I.P. of my retriever. Maybe I’ll be in the mood to finish it soon…I hate to leave unfinished projects.     I did  get a strange request this week that I could not resist.  I have been asked to draw a lot of things (mostly dogs) but this was the first time I got a  request to draw and design a tattoo.  And let me tell you, I had a blast!  I’ve always thought I would have been a pretty good tattoo artist.  Not to mention, with what they cost now a days?  Good Living to say the least.  What bothers me is the places people choose to get them.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!  I’m a tad bit bashful…well…. a lot bashful  and I don’t think a tattoo done with my eyes closed would look too good…  Anyway, I can’t wait to show you the design, but it has to stay under wraps until it’s on the skin.    Heck, forget the fame and fortune!  You know you’ve made it when someone wants your artwork with them forever….I’m just joking of course, but it’s still pretty cool.  Have a great weekend and I’m wishing blue skies for everyone!

Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “ATCs and Art of a Different Kind…

  1. Haha, I love both of them but your zentangle is absolutely fascinating. Once again thank you. I am looking forward to seeing your tattoo design, I confess to havin a tattoo on my thigh (don’t think that one is on my blog) and it was origionally drawn by a good firend and is a fairy on a toadstool, lol.
    Sometimes, you have to leave some projects until you are in the right mood…

  2. OK, make a note. I want a zentangle for my birthday. You now, it’s the day after your husband’s birthday so you have plenty of time! Ive done a few but mine all like like crap!

    BTW, since I didn’t get a Mother’s Day card in the mail I took credit for your envelope.

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