Merry Christmas!


 Colored Pencil on sketch

       Well, I guess this is my last  entry until after the holidays.  I haven’t completed any new artwork, so I am posting this candy cane that I drew and colored in with crayola colored pencils a long time ago.  This is one of my favorite sketches and is certainly relevant to the upcoming season.  I do have a few pieces of art that I will be able to share after the pieces get to their homes.   But other than that, I’ve been shopping, wrapping, baking.  Then I had to give Sam his Christmas shave.  I had to get him handsome so he could see his girlfriend…It’s true love…really!

The drawing on the top is Sam and the one on the bottom  is Shasta.   A beautiful couple huh?  NOT!

      I’m going home for Christmas  and as it turns out I will also there for my birthday on the 23rd.  I am sooooo excited.  I haven’t been able spend Christmas with my family  for the past couple of years so I can’t wait! Oh, and did I say that I was excited?  

    I guess that’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas!



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