Colored Pencil


Color Theory and the Color Wheel                                             Mapping Color

Techniques Part 1                                                                      More on Colored Pencils

Techniques Part 2                                                                      Tricks and Troubleshooting Color

Mixing Color


   To Sketch or Not To Sketch                                                                My Sketching Essentials

   What is Sketching?                                                                              Have my Supplies, Now What…

Zentangle Patterns
Zentangle Patterns

Fanz                                                                                                           Lovely BagsBrix
Ostrich                                                                                                       P-Feather
Ze-Brah                                                                                                     Croc-e-dial
S-wich Blade                                                                                            Sss nake
Blowin’ Leaf                                                                                              PeaSe
Izland Flower

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