November 18

 I don’t know what the heck this is….It started out to be a zentangle and ended up being some kind of  hippy chick flower power thingamagig.  I think it’s pretty cute even though it’s a little cartoony.  This was about all I have time for today.  This creative everyday is a lot of fun, but I’ve been letting a lot of chores slide.  I’m fine with not doing the house work, but we do like to eat so I guess I have at least go to the grocery store.   I hate shopping for groceries!

I hope everyone has a very creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “November 18

  1. Oooookay – I’m not doing well with comments today! Just erased mine!

    Love this – think zentangle is too cofusing and my default is random doodles.

    Hubby and I grocery shop together – then eat out. Too many choices after just shopping. Works for me!

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