Colored pencil, watercolor with watercolor pencil, pastel and ink

 on Strathmore 140 lb. coldpress watercolor paper

     My rock models were variations of grey,  black and brown.  I thought it was really boring so I added different colors.  It looks more like something you would find in a fish bowl.  This took me three days to complete and I can’t decide if I like it or not, but it was  good  playing with all those mediums at one time.  

 It was brought to my attention that my poor blog has been neglected, and it has.  I had been doing so well with keeping up with my posts up until this month, and I promise I will try to do better, but this is what’s been going on:

1.)  I have three portraits I have been working on.  Pretty easy… One lil white dog, and one portrait drawn twice.  It’s for my cousin, and we are trading services, she is making me two handmade wall hangings and I am drawing her portraits.  I’m sure the portraits are Christmas presents so I can’t show that, but I’m pretty sure I can post the dog  after she gets it.  

2.) I was trying to participate in the Drawing from the Masters group.  This month its Van Gogh.  Almost two weeks of work, and it looks h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!! (so far) I’m not disppointed I knew it would be a big stretch for me  BUT even if the painting tanks, I’ve studied the life of the artist and you’ll will have to suffer through a mini report. 

3.) I have been trying to think of a new name for my blog, trying to come up with my own banner and changing the format.  I like the black, but I think it just too hard to read. 

4.) I have been working on a way over the top,  Top Secret project that even the hubby knows nothing about it!

Throw in sickness, soccer, and school and that’s about it.  I will try to better, I promise.



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