About Me

   I’m stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl and I get to draw and paint when ever I like.  I have a very supportive husband that I completely adore.   So I consider myself a very lucky person.  I have my dreams of being a great artist, although I refuse to cut off an ear to do it and if all remains the same?  Well that’s okay with me too.

Be Well and Happy!

All content contained in this blog is the intellectual property of Carol Joyce Ottaway. No portion of this blog can be used or distributed in any manner unless you have expressed written consent from Carol Joyce Ottaway. If you would like to share information contained in this blog,
it is acceptable to link back to this blog as long as it is discussed in a respectful manner and my work is credited.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you are the luckiest girl I think I know,,,I thought i wanted the stress of salon life and traveling all over the country to teach at huge shows,,,,I have made a very pretty penny doing it too…….but now my daughters gone , my health is not great ,,, and all that $ went to Drs,,,,,,,,if I could go back, id be you….

  2. Carol, I think you are an awesome lady….I have watched you grow and grow inside and out. You have an awesome talent and gift to do just about anything your heart desires….Keep on, girl and I love you

  3. Hey Carol, I forgot, when you get famous, will my back be worth something?? Remember, I am wearing your art work…..love ya

  4. Hi Carole,
    Just ‘discovered’ you today! I love your tangles, and will enjoy using them. I have joined your site (I thinK). Im an art teacher but ready for retiring, I seem to need more time for “fun”!! This week I posted my first tangles – “aussie” ones! I look forward to more of your designs and some time to explore your site.Happy tangling!

  5. Carol..Thank you for the kind words about me..If you are ever in Pigeon Forge, Tn Great Smoky Mountains look me up, in the meantime send me your address and I will send you my book on painting called ” Painting the Illusion ” .It has great info on the mechanics of painting, pastels, and much more. My website is dickensingartist.com and my email is dickensing@bellsouth.net
    Dick Ensing

  6. how funny I’m reading this now…I just said to my Mom, I understand how Van Gogh might cut off an ear…I hope it never comes to that!;)
    Anyway…I just discovered you…I love your art

  7. Awesome! Cannot wait to get going on your pencil tutorials. Friendly and free legal advice – change your disclaimer from “expressed and written permission” to “express written permission” or ever “express written consent” ( most common). Would have emailed if I found an address.

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