EDM Montage….


EDM Challenges

 Colored Pencil on Sketch

 Since I am so far behind on completing my EDM challenges, I thought I do another grouping.   It was a great exercise in practicing colored pencil and layering color.  I used my cheapo sketch pad and colored pencil set. 

EDM #33 Draw an eye – I liked this exercise and I will probably do more of them on my own.  The books are right in saying that it is less daunting practicing one part at a time. 

EDM #26 Draw a vegetable or anything you like – This is my beautiful carrot drawing and my favorite drawing of all the exercises.

EDM #19 Draw something you’ve made – This is a pair of ear rings that I made for my sister-in-law.  The ear rings are supposed to resemble tie-dye and were made out of polymer clay. 

EDM #40 Draw something with folds – This is from an exercise that I got out of a book.  I have a lot of difficulty with folds too.  I messed up some of the drawing by adding violet to heavily.

EDM #39 Draw your toothbrush – This is my cool black and pink toothbrush.  It’s is one of those breast cancer proceeds brushes.  The odd shapes in the brush made it a fun exercise.

EDM #22 Draw something old or vintage – This is a drawing of my Great-grandpa’s shaving brush.  The brush is one of my precious treasures.

EDM #23 Draw your foot – Well, I’ll never draw my naked foot, but here’s a drawing  of my foot in my favorite handmade,  half-inch thick, knitted house socks….Better than shoes! 

Be Well and Happy!


9 thoughts on “EDM Montage….

  1. What great job on each one of these! The bristles in the shaving brush look so real! I like the montage idea, too. I might have to “borrow” it from you! lol nancy

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