A Cockatoo in Color

bird-cp1Colored Pencil on Bristol Vellum

Photo by Lady Carol

     This is a little bit of a cheat.   I completed this before I did the other drawing.   I don’t like this version very much.  I changed the branch and added  feet to my graphite drawing.  I wanted to play with color, but vellum is not very kind to colored pencil.  I think the paper is just too grainy.  But there it is. 

     We  have been really busy working on redoing Alana’s bedroom.  We didn’t get started until Saturday afternoon, but I managed to paint the ceiling, walls and trim, and throw in painting the same in the closet…all painted  by 6:00 Sunday night.  David put in a ceiling fan, stained the trim and is putting in 2 replacement windows and 2 doors.  The room is really pretty.  The ceiling is white, and the walls are lilac (ish) with cream trim.   I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get the room done.  David had to go out of town again for the week and we still have to put up the doors put in a window and put up the molding.   It is nice to know that if we start a little earlier we could probably get a room done in a weekend.  

5 thoughts on “A Cockatoo in Color

  1. with the beautiful job you did on her room in Martinsville, I’m sure this will be just good. Bird looks good, too.

  2. Hi Carol! I have been stalking you via your website! I love your drawings! You are very talented. Hope to see you all soon.

    Jeri Jo

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