Greenbeans and getting arrested…


green beans

EDM #112 Draw something fresh

Prismacolor on Bristol smooth

        These beans were simple to do and it only took about 15 minutes to complete.  I don’t know what I am going to do with all these when I am done.  This does fit the EDM challenge 112 Draw something fresh.

On an unrelated note:  I got an email yesterday. It was one of those jokey ones that I usually don’t respond to.  This email got me thinking so I complied and forwarded it to some of my family and friends.  It said If you saw me in a police car what would you think I was arrested for?  Here are the responses:  Speeding (I use to be a lead foot not so much anymore)  Torturing a dog after it tried to molest me ( I was bent over in my front yard and my dog tried to mount me in front of about 5-6 people and I could not get him off of me.  When I finally got him off of me, I chased him all over the  yard with a shoe threating to kill him.   NO HARM CAME TO MY DOG.   Because someone tried to do something to Alana ( yeah, I would) It doesn’t matter, she would get out of it (I’ve gotten out of LOTS of tickets…for speeding)  Fussing at some fussy ass chap  (True, I can’t watch a smart alleck  kid, I mean it physically hurts…and I try to hold it as long as I can, but sometimes it just flies out of my mouth before I can stop myself)  

So, if someone saw you in a police car what would they think you were arrested for? 

6 thoughts on “Greenbeans and getting arrested…

  1. Dang. Can you get arrested for chastising a smart-aleck kid? Guess I better start listening for the sirens! We just finished planting tomatoes, mint, petunias and marigolds next to our front porch when I heard a commotion–KIDS running right through my new baby plants. I was not amused…

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