Prismacolor on Bristol

     This week was spent  thinking about small exercises that I could do in colored pencil.  I wanted to pick small projects that would take about 15-30 minutes.  I knew for certain that did not want to draw fruits and veggies and I sure as heck did not want to draw another APPLE.  But there I was all week collecting ref. material for fruits and veggies.  I hate to admit it, but they are the best to start with, I guess.  They have simple shapes  and different depths and variations of one or two colors.  so why fight it.

I’m not to happy this this lemon, it just about glows in the dark!  I used a color pallet from one of my c.p. books.   I guess you can’t believe everything you read. For now,  I am putting the books away and I’m going to wing it.    I really shouldn’t be using them anyway.  I hope I have something better to show next time.  As for today, it ends on a sour note….My nuclear lemon.

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