Slide Show

I have new drawings, but I can’t post them right now. I had to get a new computer and I have been trying to reload some programs and feel my way around. This computer is  different from my little Gateway notebook. I have a program now that will make a music slide show. After I found that reloading fell by the waist side, and I spent all morning making slide shows from my pictures. I made a good one from last summer with the kids swimming in the pool (I’ll post if I get permission from their Mom). Then, I made one of the animals that I have drawn so far. I couldn’t upload it to my blog because I don’t have the upgraded version. So I tried to do the same thing on One True Media, uploaded the code to vodpod then to wordpress. There has to be an easier way, but not being computer savvy…It was the best I could do.  So many gadgets so little time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Animal Drawings On Parade at One True…“, posted with vodpod



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