VSD-April (in color)


Rhododendron Bud

Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil on Bristol Smooth

    I like the graphite version better, but either way I should have included a background.   Also, I need to work on my heavy hand.  I use too much pressure and I hold on to my pencil for dear life….not a good thing for building layers of color.   This is from VSD-April and the picture was taken by Jeanette Jobson.



vsd-april1Rhododendron Bud

Graphite on Bond

      Virtual Sketch Date is a blog that posts a picture once a month and those who want draw the posted reference in any medium they choose.  This drawing is from a picture taken by Jeanette Jobson.   Don’t be surprised if you see this in future.  I think I’ll want to do this in color later on.

This image goes well with the warm and sunny weather we have been having.  I love it.  You can open the windows and smell cut grass and grills stokin’ from around the neighborhood.  There is nothing like it in the world.  It reminds me of going to my grandma’s house in North Carolina.  All I’m missing is the smell of Pine-Sol.