Christmas Commission #2….

Pet Portrait

Graphite on Bristol Board

       I had forgotten to post my commissions and since I am in the middle of a painting, I thought this would be a good time to post one of them.  This was actually the final commission, but I can’t seem locate the other picture.  It’s in my computer somewhere, but I can’t find it.  The two with the paw prints have sadly passed on to that great rainbow bridge.  I had heard that when she opened this she was so happy and overwhelmed that she cried.  I don’t know how I feel about the crying part.  I can’t stand to see someone cry, it just gets me all upset.  Yes, I am filled with goo, but I also remember how I felt the day we lost Sam.  It’s still just horrible if I let myself think about it, so I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was for me to draw these portraits.  I hope I get to the point where I can draw a pet and I will fondly think of him with a smile, but so far I just can’t seem to shake the look of helplessness in my husband’s eyes and the hurt in my daughter’s.  It just makes my hair stand up….See what I mean?  I had no intention of bringing him up…and there it is!  When I least expect it, it comes and slaps me in the face.  Soooo…let me move on to something else.

   The painting.  I have been working on 3 16 x 24 (I think) museum wrapped panels for my living room.  Right now, it has so much paint on them that I had to put them outside to dry.  Outside it’s in the 60’s with a breeze…really nice.  I just hope the creepy crawlies don’t decide to crawl, jump, fly in, run, or walk on them.  I’ll post a picture soon (hopefully).

Be Well and Happy!

Moxie Girl…


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

I guess it’s safe to start posting my commissions that finally found their new home over the holidays.

This precious girl is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her name is Moxie.  The gentleman that commissioned me to do this drawing was very sweet,  very easy to work with and loved the portrait:)

 I have never drawn portraits for clients that were strangers and I found it terrifying.  What if I can’t please them?  What if they think my work is garbage?  What if they get ugly with me? and on and on and on… 

Then, I got to thinking. Every artist has their own style.  I mean,  I’m sure you can copy people,  you know like replicate master works or the master artist’s technique, but make no mistake you’ll leave your own style.  And mine is no different.  I like realism BUT my strokes are not.  If you look at my art from a distance it looks detailed and refined, but as you move closer to the piece it’s anything but.  It’s mostly valued smudges… If it’s good or bad, I don’t know, but if the client sees your portfolio, 9 times out of 10 they know what they are getting and most importantly they love the way you draw.

Make no mistake, I was still terrified.  But with the above way of thinking gave me the courage to take the portraits on.  So if you are a newbie (like myself)  find an avenue for potential clients to see your work ahead of time…like brochures or even carry your portfolio.  Don’t leave it to a blog or website.  It will take the sting out accepting that pet portrait!

Be Well and Happy!

Where you goin’ with my lopers…

 EDM# 324 Draw a garden tool

I haven’t posted  a challenge in a long time.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these challenges.  When this challenge came up only one thought came to mind, my Grandma and her lopers.  My dad’s girlfriend was trimming the hedges for my Grandma.  After she was finished she was putting the “lopers” in the car and Grandma ran out of the house screaming, “Where you goin’ with my lopers!”  It caught the g.f. off guard and she said stuttering, “No, these are my Dad’s lopers and I have to return them.”  By the end of the conversation my Grandma ended up with the lopers and my Dad had to sneak them out of the house because they weren’t Grandma’s lopers:)  As I re read this story it doesn’t sound very funny but in real life it was hilarious and has provided many years of laughs.  Lord, How I miss my Granny!

Be Well and Happy!

I didn’t forget…

But I bet you thought I would:)

    I really like these two new tangles.  I think they have an elegant feel to them and were alot of fun to draw.  There are probably (by now) thousands of tangle patterns scattered through the wide world web.  So  if I post something that’s already been done,  it is not intentional and please let me know and I will remove the pattern.  This is for fun and for sharing and cutting someone off to the knees defeats the purpose.   Alot of the patterns on this Zentangle you will recognize..actually they are some of my favorites.

This Zentangle was especially fun and although it may be squarish (Is that a word?) It is not just filling in a square or a circle that can be pretty tiresome at times.  Don’t get me wrong, creating a Zentangle is NEVER tiresome, but sometimes looking at it afterwards is… I admire the Zentanglist that can make Zentangles look like something out of a fairyland…Unfortunately,  I am not of those Yet!

Posted below is the Fanz and blowin’ leaf patterns.  The Fanz is pretty easy and I put in variations in my Zentangle.  For the Blowin’ leaf pattern I only put in one leaf so it wouldn’t be confusing.   All you have to do is just overlap the same design in different directions in pencil and just erase what you don’t need and redraw with a micron.  Then shade the leaves that are under the leaves on top.  That’s it.

By gaps I mean the double line please note the Zentangle above


Be Well and Happy!



Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       While I was drawing this dog one name came to mind,  Paris Hilton.  The Saluki breed looks  like they would be the socialites of the doggie world. They look kinda diva (ish) and prissy.  I’m sure they are not, but it kinda makes me wonder why that in the thousand dog movies that are out, that they would miss a perfect opportunity in this breed.

     She/He was a good practice.  I don’t get the chance to draw a lot of long fur and it was just enough to get my feet wet.   I still have a bit more work to do on the collar now that I see this post, but I think it turned out well.

   I’m still working on my other two pieces.  The painting is killin’ me and I don’t know if it will turn out….I’m struggling but not giving up yet.  The other drawing is about half done and it seems I’m still having difficulty with trees and bushes.  I also I have Zentangle pattern to post soon.

Well, I guess that’s about all that’s going on around here, it’s a bit more than usual.  With it being so hot out I guess it makes a person more productive indoors.  You know it’s hot outside when your skin stings just walking to the car.  I’m hoping that you guys are staying cool:)

Be Well and Happy!

Full of Wisdom…

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

      This is the first time that I have ever seen an animal in picture or in real life  that actually looked wise to me, very Yoda(ish).  This dog looks like he or she has seen it all. 

     I had a terrible time with the nose and the long hair coming out of  (his or her) ears.  But I think it turned out pretty good, I like it.  And it felt good to draw, it’s been awhile since I have scratched out a puppy or atleast a puppy at heart… 



     Hello, Long time no post, huh… For the last week or so, I have been making prints of my drawings.  Not an easy task, but I think I did a fairly good job of it.  I sent the  color work to my Dad’s shop  and my SIL is making the color prints for me as well as my business cards, brochures and even some presentation stuff.  It’s so great to come from a family of printers…hee, hee and I am so grateful for their help..Because it would have cost me a fortune that I didn’t have.  In return, I promised  to show them how to Zentangle.  But I will also make them little Zen-Art packets that they can take home.  I hope they will be pleased. 

   Also, I just wanted to let you in on a great offer.  I subscribe to the Strathmore newsletter. It’s an awesome newsletter.  Annnyway, they are offering FOR FREE a visual journal workshop series and if you want to sign up (click here) .  They give you a supply list and everything.  Now, don’t plan on seeing any of my journal here, but I may surprise you:)  If I get really brave.  

Be Well and Happy!

Barn and a Bedroom…


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

(click on the picture to enlarge)

     I love drawing these barns, but I had the  hardest time trying to draw the tree of all things!  I thought it would have been easier.  If you study a tree from a distance in abstract the leaves are nothing but scratches and scribbles in lights and darks easy huh? Well, I certainly thought it was easy enough.  As it turned out?  Not so much.  If I look at my drawing, I can see that it looks like a tree, it has its leaves and branches and a trunk growing from the ground. But it isn’t a “happy tree”  and something I need to work on. 

   Well, that’s all the art, but I do have some other exciting news 🙂  We finally finished our bedroom YAY!  (Well, almost) and I love it!  It’s been about 14 years since we had new furniture, so it’s been a long time coming, and to celebrate, I even made pillows to match my quilt:)  I sewed them, stuffed them THEN had to take out the stuffing, rip out the stiches and I had to remake them.  
(The fabric wasn’t thick enough and so I had to make a lining) They are lumpy as can be, but they sit proudly at the head of the bed.   I still need to buy some curtains and decorate the walls.   When we are completely finished I will post some pictures.

  Be Well and Happy!

Putting it all together…



Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       I put everything I have learned over the past few months and I was able to complete this drawing.  Maybe I did get a little ahead of myself, but now I have a good grasp of landscapes and buildings.   I feel much better about my upcoming commission of an old homestead which worried me to no end and it never hurts to expand your portfolio, right?

  This is the only drawing that I have, but I’ve been very busy in my absence.  I have been preparing for an arts and crafts show.  Believe me when I tell you, that I am not a crafter.  So this has been a difficult experience, but it’s also a good opportunity to sell my art.  So I’m sucking it up and making a few crafts as well as selling some of my prints. 

This is just a peek at the stuff I’m selling, but it gives you a pretty good idea.  The glass is a lot of fun to paint, which was a pleasant surprise.  ( If you have any ideas of what I can paint on these glasses, please let me know.  I have a bunch more and I’m running out of ideas, lol)….I’m also selling rice bags, handmade cards, bookmarks, Zentangle art,  jewelry as well as some prints and orginials….So wish me luck:)

Be Well and Happy!

I turned 3 and I missed it again!

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

I can definitely call this drawing a success.  Needs a title though.  I really don’t title my artwork.  Everybody else does and maybe I should, but I’m not not good at that sorta thing.  Got any ideas?  Many times I wanted to throw this drawing in the trash, so would draw tiny bits at a time and then I would stop. The values were just all other the place and I had a hard time mapping them out. Ten minutes into the drawing and I was lost.   I muttled through and this has ended up being  the absolute favorite of  my drawings so far (until I draw something else). The drawing has a lot of elements that would be in a landscape such as: wood, grass and rocks along with brinks, concrete and metal.   So, I think I’m ready to try a barn scene but we”ll see.

I can’t believe I keep missing the anniversary of my blog!  I guess I will celebrate it now, Sooo,  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  Thanks a bunch for your support these last three years,  it really means a lot to me and I look forward to many more:)

Be Well and Happy!