Barn and a Bedroom…


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

(click on the picture to enlarge)

     I love drawing these barns, but I had the  hardest time trying to draw the tree of all things!  I thought it would have been easier.  If you study a tree from a distance in abstract the leaves are nothing but scratches and scribbles in lights and darks easy huh? Well, I certainly thought it was easy enough.  As it turned out?  Not so much.  If I look at my drawing, I can see that it looks like a tree, it has its leaves and branches and a trunk growing from the ground. But it isn’t a “happy tree”  and something I need to work on. 

   Well, that’s all the art, but I do have some other exciting news 🙂  We finally finished our bedroom YAY!  (Well, almost) and I love it!  It’s been about 14 years since we had new furniture, so it’s been a long time coming, and to celebrate, I even made pillows to match my quilt:)  I sewed them, stuffed them THEN had to take out the stuffing, rip out the stiches and I had to remake them.  
(The fabric wasn’t thick enough and so I had to make a lining) They are lumpy as can be, but they sit proudly at the head of the bed.   I still need to buy some curtains and decorate the walls.   When we are completely finished I will post some pictures.

  Be Well and Happy!

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