Where you goin’ with my lopers…

 EDM# 324 Draw a garden tool

I haven’t posted  a challenge in a long time.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these challenges.  When this challenge came up only one thought came to mind, my Grandma and her lopers.  My dad’s girlfriend was trimming the hedges for my Grandma.  After she was finished she was putting the “lopers” in the car and Grandma ran out of the house screaming, “Where you goin’ with my lopers!”  It caught the g.f. off guard and she said stuttering, “No, these are my Dad’s lopers and I have to return them.”  By the end of the conversation my Grandma ended up with the lopers and my Dad had to sneak them out of the house because they weren’t Grandma’s lopers:)  As I re read this story it doesn’t sound very funny but in real life it was hilarious and has provided many years of laughs.  Lord, How I miss my Granny!

Be Well and Happy!

One thought on “Where you goin’ with my lopers…

  1. Great drawing and nice memories. I haven’t done a challenge for ages either….I have to say every day objects don’t inspire me much and I am bad, I do need to be inspired otherwise I give up 😉

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