Moxie Girl…


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

I guess it’s safe to start posting my commissions that finally found their new home over the holidays.

This precious girl is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and her name is Moxie.  The gentleman that commissioned me to do this drawing was very sweet,  very easy to work with and loved the portrait:)

 I have never drawn portraits for clients that were strangers and I found it terrifying.  What if I can’t please them?  What if they think my work is garbage?  What if they get ugly with me? and on and on and on… 

Then, I got to thinking. Every artist has their own style.  I mean,  I’m sure you can copy people,  you know like replicate master works or the master artist’s technique, but make no mistake you’ll leave your own style.  And mine is no different.  I like realism BUT my strokes are not.  If you look at my art from a distance it looks detailed and refined, but as you move closer to the piece it’s anything but.  It’s mostly valued smudges… If it’s good or bad, I don’t know, but if the client sees your portfolio, 9 times out of 10 they know what they are getting and most importantly they love the way you draw.

Make no mistake, I was still terrified.  But with the above way of thinking gave me the courage to take the portraits on.  So if you are a newbie (like myself)  find an avenue for potential clients to see your work ahead of time…like brochures or even carry your portfolio.  Don’t leave it to a blog or website.  It will take the sting out accepting that pet portrait!

Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “Moxie Girl…

  1. Great comment and very true, I experienced that one last year too. I am not all that real either, my work doesn’t stand close scrutiny and I am glad. Otherwise it would take me twice as long and lose the spontaneity. I can only spend so long on a piece of work….Moxie looks great 😀

  2. This is such good advice, Carol. I think each new step is terrifying, and I really appreciate the support and advice that I get by viewing other peoples’ processes. Love the dog, and the fact that your work can bring so much pleasure.

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