I turned 3 and I missed it again!

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

I can definitely call this drawing a success.  Needs a title though.  I really don’t title my artwork.  Everybody else does and maybe I should, but I’m not not good at that sorta thing.  Got any ideas?  Many times I wanted to throw this drawing in the trash, so would draw tiny bits at a time and then I would stop. The values were just all other the place and I had a hard time mapping them out. Ten minutes into the drawing and I was lost.   I muttled through and this has ended up being  the absolute favorite of  my drawings so far (until I draw something else). The drawing has a lot of elements that would be in a landscape such as: wood, grass and rocks along with brinks, concrete and metal.   So, I think I’m ready to try a barn scene but we”ll see.

I can’t believe I keep missing the anniversary of my blog!  I guess I will celebrate it now, Sooo,  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  Thanks a bunch for your support these last three years,  it really means a lot to me and I look forward to many more:)

Be Well and Happy!

2 thoughts on “I turned 3 and I missed it again!

  1. I am useless, I cannot think of anything but it is a fabulous piece of work…
    Well if I was having a laugh I would call it Coke Den! But, perhaps my wicked sense of humour might not go down too well!
    Anyway…moving on quickly, Happy blogoversary ~ again 🙂 I wish you many more XX

  2. Happy Anniversary! How bout “thank God my house don’t look like this!”…sorry, all I could come up with 🙂

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