My Houseguest…..

  Well, I did draw a few Zentangles  and I will post those sometime this week.  But right now, I want to show you a few pictures of my houseguest, Biggie Paws.

This is Biggie and he spent the week with us.  Alana and I have decided that he looks like Alf.   He isn’t very Alf- like in this picture, because I put his hair in a ponytail…He’s very metro and very secure in his masculinity.

This is Biggie waiting…wanting to pounce on Sam, and Sam ignoring him…Poor little Biggie.  But Sam realizes (I guess) that the crate in front of him was his when he was a pup.  So whenever the door was open, he would get in and actually was able to squeeze his whole body inside that little thing.  So right now, Sam is waiting for me to slip up and leave the room.   Sam is definitely aware that I have left the door open.

Biggie is napping and Sam is still waiting for me to leave  that door open and leave the room. Lol, Biggie looks like he’s doing the dead man’s float.  (Click on the picture to enlarge and look at his front and back legs)

By now, they  are sick of me and they see Alana coming home from school.  FRESH MEAT!

Well, that was my adventure this week and now Biggie is home with his family.  Bye Biggie:)

Be Well and Happy!

Pearl Bracelet…

I’m back!! I know it’s been a while, but with the upcoming holidays my posts will be sporadic.  I have been pretty busy and trying to find some Christmas spirit!  I have been making Christmas goodies that have been loads of fun and seemed to be a good place to start. I have no idea what I’m going to do with 10 loaves of Icebox fruitcake though.  I hope  it can be frozen.  I have two Christmas favorites Applenut Cake and Icebox fruitcake. It’s doesn’t feel like Christmas without them. I didn’t  bother with making the cake, because nobody makes it like my mama and she makes my sister and I one every year for our birthday:)  One year she even sent us one UPS!  I did make her icebox fruitcake and man that stuff is gooood!  It’s more candy than cake and it’s yummmmmy! Then, I have been making David and Alana watch every sappy Holiday movie I can find from Lifetime, Family and Hallmark channel which is an awesome payback!   I guess next comes putting up my ugly,  sad little tree that no one wants to decorate, but me. It’s like living with two rocks. 

Anyway, on with the bracelet… It was so simple.  I just used memory wire and beaded vintage pearl beads from my stash.  I didn’t have any end beads so I just bent the ends. I think pearls are elegant on their own and should be made with a simple and light designs.  I loved using the memory wire because it gave the illusion of small strands of pearls, but could wrapped it on and off of your wrist, which I think is pretty much the style these days.    The bracelet is part of a Christmas gift and I think I’m going to wrap it around the present like a bow.  I hope she like it.

Be Well and Happy!

November 29

    I bought this little 5 x 7 cross stitch kit when I was pregnant with Alana,  over fourteen years go.  You read it right, fourteen years.  I wanted to put this in her room, but I guess I should have held on to it a few more years and maybe put the names of my grand kids on it..NOT THAT I’M IN A RUSH! 

     I’m really not that slow a crossstitcher.   I just kept losing the kit and it became outta sight outta mind.  Then, Wednesday as I was cleaning out my art room I came across it.  I had debated on whether to finish this or not.  But since it’s AEDM, I thought, “What the Heck!”  So I sat down, and I made myself get it doneI don’t find cross stitching very satisfying ’cause I’m not very good at it.  You should see the back of this looks like a thread and knot war, it’s Horrrrrible!

 I had also found two more kits that need to be finished.  One is soccer themed and I had bought that when Alana was in the 6th grade and the other is some kind of flower garden.  Somehow  I will have to make myself complete them, because I hate to waste more than I hate cross stitching, lol.   I could throw these in my handy-dandy travel bag.  When I get bored on trips, it could give me something to do.  I’m on a time crunch with the soccer theme.  I only have four years to finish that one, and I don’t think I can make the deadline before Alana graduates..

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

November 24

 Alana’s crayons were staring at me, so I thought I’d color for a little while. 

  This is supposed to be a carnation (ish).  After all these years, there is still something about a coloring book and crayons that are relaxing and is still as fun as when I was little.  

  Crayola Crayons can be a fine art,  take a look at Don Marco’s website.  His work is unbelievable!!

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

November 23

     This is a necklace that I made for my niece.  I’m not worried that she’ll see this post, because her auntie’s blog isn’t cool like texting, Facebook, My Space, You Tube or whatever the heck teens do these days. 

    The necklace is beaded with hot pink tube beads and the larger seed beads in clear, white, hot pink and red.  The ornament in the center is the same seed beads coiled around both strands with scrolled ends.  The findings are just 2 jump rings and a sterling lobster clasp.  I hope she likes it. 

P.S.  Does anyone know the temperature and how long to bake  Shrinky Dink? I lost my instructions:(

I hope everyone has a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

November 19

I have a problem with my dog’s nails.  Even when they are clipped and rounded off they are pretty sharp.  I’m afraid that he will poke a hole in my car seats or my leather couch.  I just cringe every time I hear his nails scratching when he moves around. 

The shoes on the internet are cute but I don’t think he would keep them on his feet.   I think they are designed for maximum cuteness, but not much else.  These booties are designed for maximum your paws ain’t gettin’ outta these…

The booties are like sacks that are rounded at the bottom,  they velcro around the top of his foot so he’s not binded enough to be really uncomfortable and the velcro keeps the booties on his feet. 

They are also so very ugly! But don’t worry, he won’t have to wear them in front of the other doggies… 

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!