November 19

I have a problem with my dog’s nails.  Even when they are clipped and rounded off they are pretty sharp.  I’m afraid that he will poke a hole in my car seats or my leather couch.  I just cringe every time I hear his nails scratching when he moves around. 

The shoes on the internet are cute but I don’t think he would keep them on his feet.   I think they are designed for maximum cuteness, but not much else.  These booties are designed for maximum your paws ain’t gettin’ outta these…

The booties are like sacks that are rounded at the bottom,  they velcro around the top of his foot so he’s not binded enough to be really uncomfortable and the velcro keeps the booties on his feet. 

They are also so very ugly! But don’t worry, he won’t have to wear them in front of the other doggies… 

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “November 19

  1. heehee! I’d like a pair of those for sliding on my wooden floor 🙂
    Love the colour and the idea…am curious to hear how your 4 legged friend feels about them 🙂
    Thankyou for visiting my blog and the lovely comment.
    I agree with your last post…AEDM is lots of fun but eating sometimes gets in the way of creating 🙂

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