November 11


      This is a  simple little necklace that I made for AEDM. It definitely looks beachy doesn’t it?  It’s  a sea shell with hemp cord and two rock beads from a vintage necklace that belonged to my grandma.  Alana collected the shell on one of our trips to Emerald Isle.  I forgot which Carolina Emerald Isle is located…not only am I kinda of forgetful,  I’m also directionally challenged.  I always got 2’s on my report card on follows directions. yep, that was me…

     David comes home today and I’m really excited to see him.  He’s been working in California since last Thursday and we are ready for him to be home.  The only downside is David brings home his own creative challenges. Dirty, greasy, stinky clothes! HEY! Can I post that as a challenge;)





Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “November 11

  1. Love that you’re recycling jewelry that has a history for you. Makes your creations even more special! Icky laundry is definitely a challenge!

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