Vicki’s birthday gift…


(click on photo to enlarge)

Ink/Graphite on Bristol Smooth

      Oops…I had some perfectly good art work to post and I had forgotten all about it.  This piece measures about 10.75 inches in diameter and it has about 32-34  patterns in it.  I have wanted to draw a round one for a long time and when Vicki (my sister-in-law) asked for a Zentangle for her birthday, it gave my the perfect opportunity. I like the look of the bigger zentangles better than the smaller ones.  I think she liked it, I hope she did.

      While I was drawing the zentangle,  Alana sat with me every chance she got.  She would watch me draw and would ask me every little bit, “Can I have this?”  I had to keep telling her that this was for Vicki, but I did promise that the next one would be just for her.  So, today we went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts and picked out a frame and she even went through my pattern notebook and wrote down each little pattern that she wanted.   Umm, I wonder if she’ll make me sign off for each pattern to make sure it meets her specifications.  Nah, I like to see her get excited and it makes me feel good that she wants one:)

Well, I guess that’s about it for now,  Happy Labor Day Everybody!!!!

Be Well and Happy!



6 thoughts on “Vicki’s birthday gift…

  1. It is beautiful and it works so well as a circle. It is lovely that your daughter is interested, it is always lovely to share 🙂

    1. Vicki-I’m so glad that you liked it! Chrissy- Thank you:) I really hope Alana takes at least a little interest in art, she really seems to like drawing Zentangles EXCEPT she told me she drew one in French, I guess there is a down side to them, lol

      1. I hope Alana takes an Interest too and that she inherited your knack for it..My Mom was an Awesome artist, and I cant draw squat ,,,but My daughter can…..YAY

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