Zentangle – 8/10/10

       I’ve been painting a little but nothing that’s any big deal or even blog worthy.   I do have this Zentangle to share.  Zentangles are so carefree and I don’t think there will be a time where I will grow bored with drawing these.  I still think I mix too many patterns together, but I just can’t help myself:)  It’s just toooo much fun!

   Well, that’s about it for now.  There’s just not much going on around here except trying to stay cool.  Pretty boring, huh?  I guess sometimes we get what we need…so I must need it.  It has been nice spending time with Alana just talking, hanging out even though I desperately need some sleep.  I just keep telling myself that the day is coming (and very soon) that she won’t want to be any where near me, so I’m trying to enjoy my little girl while she still enjoys being with me.

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “Zentangle

  1. That makes me think that I need to carve a bunch of texture stamps and then use masks to create some zentangle like prints. Want to come design, carve and stamp with me?

  2. The first time I saw your stamps…I was going to say it would be the perfect use for your kit. ANYTIME you need a line pattern..I would be more than happy to draw it for you, but I think your designs are pretty awesome. I love the leaf!
    Sure I would love to come and carve. I don’t know how much help I would be but I would love to see the process of how it’s done.
    We can do it when I bring you your Zentangle. You’d better be serious because I’m getting excited:)

  3. It looks like a magical cushion.. 😀 Wonderful! I don’t think I could do these, they would drive me insane!
    It is good to spend time with your daughter, nice to make the most of their childhood, I think 🙂

    1. Thank you Chrissy! Well….I don’t exactly know if I’m even doing these right, but they (at least to me) look a lot more complicated than they actually are. I draw the Zentangle in pencil first too and I don’t think you are suppose to draw it that way. I really enjoy Alana’s company and I hope she feels that way when she grows up:)

  4. Thank you for showing us your zentangle piece! I love doing them myself and I love doing artist trading cards using zentangles. (I’ve been with ATCsforAll.com about 4 years now) And no you aren’t using too many patterns at all!! Keep up the great work and if you would like to trade a couple of zentangle cards with me just look me up at the aforementioned site!
    name: Dulci

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