Graphite on Bristol Smooth

     I sent my cousin an email asking her if she would like to see her picture now or let it be a surprise.  She replied, “NOW!”  So I sent it, she loved it and put it on her Facebook wall.  I am so relieved and since she has seen the picture…I can post it! 

    The picture she sent me was so cute and the dog is adorable, but I laughed the whole time I was drawing him!  I don’t know what Gypsy was looking at when his picture was taken, but he was cross eyed as could be.  So Thanks for the Laughs Gypsy!

2 thoughts on “Gypsy…

  1. You did an awesome job……I can see the wheels turning in his mischievous little mind!! He hates having his picture made, so I have to talk to him asking him if he wants to ride, or where is Jacob….so he will look at me. I don’t know what I said to get the picture, but it must have excited him so much his eyes twitched!

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