Young at Heart….


Canis Lupess


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

From a photo taken by  Canis Lupess at Wet Canvas 

    I have drawn so many dogs that they almost have become second nature.  When I have too many flops and my trash can over flows,  somehow drawing doggies always make me feel better about about my drawing ability.  This dog is the result of feeling really bad about my struggles with trying to learn other mediums.  The process of making art can be so overwelming at times,  well most times really and sometimes I lack the patience that  art requires.  I have faith that I’ll get it eventually and I guess that will have to be enough for now.     I’ll just have to press on.

3 thoughts on “Young at Heart….

  1. It almost makes me want to get Chris a dog just so you can draw it for him! I already miss my Buddy drawing but I know that the real owners are thrilled with it!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. Your dog is gorgeous. Sometimes it is difficult to move away from what we know. I Look at test pieces in a different medium and “amateur” screams out at me. My other half reminds me that the small flaws that I see are not so evident to other people and in my head I know that practice Improves my renditions.
    I hope now you have such a lovely result with doggy that you feel able to continue with pressing on…

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