November 24

 Alana’s crayons were staring at me, so I thought I’d color for a little while. 

  This is supposed to be a carnation (ish).  After all these years, there is still something about a coloring book and crayons that are relaxing and is still as fun as when I was little.  

  Crayola Crayons can be a fine art,  take a look at Don Marco’s website.  His work is unbelievable!!

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

My remote and a tulip.

EDM#103-Draw some exercise equipment you use.

Graphite on sketch

Yep, there’s my excercise equipment.     My thumb is the strongest in town!



Crayola crayon and ink on Bristol Smooth


The ink didn’t get along with the wax of the crayon, so I have a few marks of ink but not much.  This and all my sketches are to go in with a project that I am working on for my daughter.  She is always asking for my drawings, so I bought a scrap book and I am filling it with sketches.  I think (hope) she will like it, because I am really having fun making it.

“Shoe” in Crayon and ink on drawing paper

emi-1-shoe.jpg EDM #1 Draw a shoe.  This is the first challenge of the Everyday Matters Drawing Group.  Being a stay at home mom it probably would have made more sense to draw a tennis shoe or perhaps a flip flop, but I just love these shoes, it reminds of those sexy shoes women wore in the 40’s.  The heels are high, and the material is black ilet. I have never gotten to wear these beauties and probably will never get a chance. However, now I atleast get to say that I used them.  The drawing is on 60lb. drawing paper and the outline and stitching was done in ink and the rest was done in crayon.

Art Class – “Apple” in Crayola Crayon on Strathmore

Apple in a corner  Not really much going on in art class. We are learning color theory and mixing, so not too many drawings except for apples, and apples and more apples.  But . . I do have a few sketches, I can’t post those until I get my hands on a better camera.  I thought I would post this apple because we actually got to put it in a corner.  This apple has 29 layers of color and the wall, baseboard and floor has about 11 each of crayon.  The technique she is teaching us is to just apply enough pressure to stain the paper as you can tell there is still enough tooth to add more layers, but  I am calling this done!!! 

“Fruit” in Crayon

fruit-in-crayon.jpg  Okay.  This is the fruit from my art class.  I colored it with crayola crayons.  I have been playing with them for a while, and it is pretty cool layering and burnishing the colors.  Before you laugh at my childish ways look up Don Marco and Jeffrey Robert.  You will be shocked!