My remote and a tulip.

EDM#103-Draw some exercise equipment you use.

Graphite on sketch

Yep, there’s my excercise equipment.     My thumb is the strongest in town!



Crayola crayon and ink on Bristol Smooth


The ink didn’t get along with the wax of the crayon, so I have a few marks of ink but not much.  This and all my sketches are to go in with a project that I am working on for my daughter.  She is always asking for my drawings, so I bought a scrap book and I am filling it with sketches.  I think (hope) she will like it, because I am really having fun making it.

8 thoughts on “My remote and a tulip.

  1. Your love for flowers is obvious in your brilliant colors and choice compositions… the remote, however, doesn’t look like something you really love to look at and draw. It’s technically good, but the love is missing. Draw what you love. Keep up the good work!

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