“Shoe” in Crayon and ink on drawing paper

emi-1-shoe.jpg EDM #1 Draw a shoe.  This is the first challenge of the Everyday Matters Drawing Group.  Being a stay at home mom it probably would have made more sense to draw a tennis shoe or perhaps a flip flop, but I just love these shoes, it reminds of those sexy shoes women wore in the 40’s.  The heels are high, and the material is black ilet. I have never gotten to wear these beauties and probably will never get a chance. However, now I atleast get to say that I used them.  The drawing is on 60lb. drawing paper and the outline and stitching was done in ink and the rest was done in crayon.

12 thoughts on ““Shoe” in Crayon and ink on drawing paper

  1. First time visit to your blog. Like what I see. I am fairly new to EDM and have a whole lot of challenges to do. In no hurry as I am exploring all the ways to do this thing called art. I haven’t been at it very long. Lots to look forward to.

  2. Beautiful shoe — I want a pair! If only I could walk in heels without looking like I have no idea what I’m doing! Great drawing — welcome to the EDM group!

  3. great job! i want to be a fashion designer I have millions of idea’s of creative wemons shoes its just that i have a hard time drawing the shoes.

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