Zendala 58

Zendala Challenge  # 58

Zendala 59

Zendala Challenge #59

Micron and Graphite on Bond

Created by Erin at the Bright Owl

     Hello!  As you can see,  I’m doing a little catch up since I haven’t been posting lately.  Everything is going good, but I reckon my muse went on hiatus. I can’t  find anything that I want to draw.  I have been doing a little colored pencil practice, but it isn’t really a show and tell type of thing.  It’s been fun though.

   I have been reading a lot and enjoying quite a few happily ever afters on our new Kindle e-reader.   It’s a nifty little device that’s for sure.  I ordered it so Alana could read library books and not tie up our devices.  But come to find out she reads only when she is out of options in finding something enjoyable to do.  I guess I learn something new everyday, LOL ….that’s okay, more fun toys for meeeeeeee…..

Be Well and Happy!

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