Zendala 58

Zendala Challenge  # 58

Zendala 59

Zendala Challenge #59

Micron and Graphite on Bond

Created by Erin at the Bright Owl

     Hello!  As you can see,  I’m doing a little catch up since I haven’t been posting lately.  Everything is going good, but I reckon my muse went on hiatus. I can’t  find anything that I want to draw.  I have been doing a little colored pencil practice, but it isn’t really a show and tell type of thing.  It’s been fun though.

   I have been reading a lot and enjoying quite a few happily ever afters on our new Kindle e-reader.   It’s a nifty little device that’s for sure.  I ordered it so Alana could read library books and not tie up our devices.  But come to find out she reads only when she is out of options in finding something enjoyable to do.  I guess I learn something new everyday, LOL ….that’s okay, more fun toys for meeeeeeee…..

Be Well and Happy!


zendala 56

Zendala Challenge #56

Micron on white created by Erin from The Bright Owl

The center pattern is called Cockles ‘N Mussels.  This is one of my all time favorite patterns.  And you would think because it is one of my favorites, I would be using it all the time.  I don’t though, and I wonder why?  Either I don’t want to get sick of it or there is so many patterns and so little time 🙂

Be Well and Happy!


zendare 55Zendare #55 by Erin from The Bright Owl

Micron on Bond

 I don’t know about you, but I am really hoping this rain will wash away all of this pollen.  It’s been intense around here.  I feel like have sand paper in my eyes and my throat and nose are killing me.  Ohhhh joy!  I’m feeling  crummy, I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Be Well and Happy!


Zendare 51

Zendala Challenge #51 from Erin at the Bright Owl

Black Micron, Graphite on 20 lb. bond

This week sure is getting away from me.   I really do not know why, it is not like I have been doing anything particularly interesting but it sure is slipping through my fingers.  I was a good girl and completed this week’s Zendala challenge.

I had a good time with this one even though this is my second attempt at this Zendala.  The first one was pretty bad.  But I like this version a lot better.

Lately, I’ve had the itch to paint.  And not just paint anything.  I have been wanting to paint a portrait.  Drawing people is hard enough, but I have never painted people so I am going to assume that it is a lot harder.  Now, the question is, who to paint?  Now there are plenty of pictures on Facebook of family and friends that I could rip off or a celebrity that I could paint, but I decided not to go that route.  I am afraid that I may think it looks awesome and they may think it looks awful and I certainly do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  So, I guess I am going to try a self-portrait.  I mean, I doubt I’ll hurt my own feelings.    Of course, all this thinking and rationalizing may be for nothing and I’ll end up throwing it away.  But I think I will give it a go and just see what happens.

Well, I guess that’s about it for me.  I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful day!

Be Well and Happy!

My week?

UGH!  I do not like that one either, LOL

Sorry, that I have been missing this week.  I intended to post, but I haven’t been feeling all that hot this week and  it made me lazy and in a bad mood.  I guess we all have days like that.  I did at least try to accomplish a few things like:

dare 50  Zendala Dare #50

Micron on Card

By Erin from the Bright Owl

  This Zendala contains the most line work that I have ever completed.  I think it was a tribute to wanting to get somewhere and sit down, LOL  I do like that is covered with pattern.  However, the torpedo looking things in the center looks like bees butts and I should have added stingers.

 bookI am still reading this book.  I am about 174 pages in and it is getting better, but still very wordy.  I am beginning to wonder if plot is going to be so complicated that we need all of the science and genetic research information. There is a lot of it that is for sure.  But I’m not giving up yet.

Also, I started a drawing on one of my Once Upon A Time charactors.  It’s in the trash now.. after about 6 hours…yep, wore the paper out erasing cause that is how I roll. So, back to the drawing board with that one.

 I guess that’s about it for me.

Happy Easter everyone and don’t forget the reason for the season;)  Be Safe!


zendala 31813

Zendala Dare #49 by Erin from The Bright Owl

Micron on Card

     The picture came out a little small, so if you want to see it bigger just click on the picture. 

    I guess this post was better late than never, as it was supposed to go up yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had to hit the floor running.  Nothing exciting but I had to do some cleaning, pay bills. Just day-to-day stuff that I had been putting off.  I wish I had the ability to make dust disappear as I do our money.  OR even better make the money multiply like dust.  Now, that would be sweeeet! But until I find dollar bunnies under the couch,  I guess those bills have to be paid.

Anyhoo,  I really like Erin’s pattern.  It flowed really well and the patterns came to me really fast.  I only wish I had some bling to glue on.  If I had more time I would have used some color, but I really wanted to get this up today.

I guess that’s about it for me today.  David just texted that he was on his way home for lunch and after he leaves I’m going to head over to Bright Owl to see what everyone has done.

Be Well and Happy!


Zendare 43

Micron and Colored Pencil on Card

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits post Superbowl.  I guess there are some very happy people and also some very sad people.  For me?  The only thing that is really awesome about football is the credits rolling after the game.  I am not in to sports at all.  I have seen a game live (not professional…but semi?  I don’t know the correct term)  and did find it a little more exciting than watching it on TV.  I’m always surprised how emotionally  invested people are to “their team”  and some get very angry.  I’m just glad it is over.

This is Challenge 43 from Bright Owl.  I like the zentangling better on this design than the last one.  I lost the challenge because I used more tangles, than I probably should have.  But I chose these tangles because the reminded of Spring.  The patterns chosen were to resemble flower, flower buds,  leaves and vines.  Now, I’m a newbie and coloring the designs and it’s still a little tricky for me. But I still like it a lot.   So, far I’ve seen some AMAZING Zentangle work from the participants of these Zendala challenges.  So, you have not done so, when you get some time go to Bright Owl site and click on the names and the bottom of the post.  It will take you directly to artist’s blog.

I hope you enjoy your day!

Be Well and Happy!



Zendala Challenge #42

Micron, Marker on Card

This Zendala is this weeks Bright Owl Challenge. As usual, I  love the design, but this work goes to show you that not every idea is golden.  This took me hours to complete, so I thought that after all that work, I had to at least post.  I have been using these designs as note cards, because even though they are fun to complete, I had to do something with them when they were done. Luckily for me, the women in my life seem to enjoy them.  But this one is a definite do over!  I wanted to overlap the designs in gray and silver as sort of a fade out.  And in my head it was really beautiful!  But in real life, I just got confused in the pattern and I couldn’t make anything light enough, my pen was bleeding, my eye sight was failing and it was a big ole….MEH!

 Nevertheless, it was a good way to pass a cold Sunday evening…Well, the Zendala, coffee and Law and Order that is 😉

In my neck of the woods, today has been a beautiful and sunny.  I hope you have enjoyed some sunny skies too!

Be Well and Happy Monday!