Welcome to my mess…


I’m a girl on a mission!  I have made a commitment to myself to learn how to mix color using colored pencils AND produce some artwork by the end of summer!  That means no Zentangling, no drawing and no sketching.  I love to draw but it was  my intention to learn to draw as a means of kick starting color work.  Instead  it’s all I do, because to me it’s easy and easy means safe.  So I’ve put my pencils away (for now) and my desk is littered with colored pencils.  Annnd of course my double cup a coffee!

Yes, once again my poor blog is suffering (as usual) but I’ve been so blessed to have the supplies, the space and the time to learn how to use colored pencils, and it’s a real shame that these lovely things are gathering dust.

I have been taking a video workshop and I have learned more in the first 15 minutes than I have  gleaned from the colored pencil books that line my shelves, that’s for sure.  I have always thought in books when artists convey techniques they either over simplify information or over complicate the information leaving a lot of stuff out.  Either way it’s confusing. But I guess I should factor in the fact that I never grade well in following directions in school, lol.

Now,  I am using my own technique in mixing colors and my own way of getting to know my pencils, but it’s working and I am feeling a little more confident in mixing.  So far their hasn’t been one color that I haven’t been able to match, so yay me!  This is a huge hurdle and I’m absolutely ticked to pieces.


Be Well and Happy!

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