Acrylic on Canvas Panel

   We live pretty close to the beach and I thought it was a real shame that I couldn’t paint (or draw) a beach scene.   So, I found this tutorial on acrylic painting by Simply Painting and I thought I would give it a try.  TRY being the key word here as this looks nothing like the beautiful instructional that was on my monitor for the past few days.   I can’t  begin to tell you just how awful my rocks and clouds look.  I mean P-EWWWW comes to mind…Now, with that being said, there are some elements that I liked.  The waves look frothy and I really like how  the sand and water kinda of run into each other.  I would call this a success.   I mean,  I don’t think it’s anything that anyone would really want, but it was fun, I learned alot, and most importantly…I didn’t give up, it didn’t get thrown in the trash and I’m not going to gesso over the painting. 

   Simply Painting is by the artist Peter Clarke from Ireland.  He also has instructions on watercolor and oil if anyone’s interested:)   

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “Uhh…Yeah

  1. OK, it’s not your best work but it looks like it was a great learning experience. It’s like quilts. They are not all meant to be masterpieces!

    1. Well, it certainly goes to show that just because you can paint or draw one thing doesn’t mean you can paint or draw everything….

  2. I think it is beautiful too…the sea and the splash are excellent 🙂 Instead of looking at odd sections, look at the overall effect, it has a lovely feeling to it, don’t you think?

    1. Thank you Chrissy:) After I finished, I was so happy that I even completed a beach a scene…tutorial or not. You’re right, as a whole I really love this because it’s such a peaceful painting and it is something that I have have been wanting to paint for a long time….I can’t wait to post my own:)

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