Another Golden…..


  photo by klricca at Wetcanvas

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

     I have to say the tongue was the most fun to draw on this one.  I guess it’s because I haven’t drawn many animals with the tongue out like that and it was something new.  I need to work on eyes more BUT  I am doing much better on noses and fur.  See, if you find one thing negative in your work make sure you find two positive things so you don’t feel so bad, heh.  I have a bunch of reference photos for dogs to work on, but I can’t seem to find more exotic animals to play around with or even the domesticated oddities that people choose for pets.  At least I have my doggies….

   Things have been pretty quiet here so far this week.  Alana is back home spending the week with my family and David is still working in Danville.  So it’s just been me and the dog.  After having a house full, being alone 24/7 is pretty hard to get accustomed to again and Sam (the dog) hates when things and people aren’t where they should be.  I think the Samoyed breed are herding dogs and some of Sam’s sheep are missing, lol…..  I guess that’s about it for now.

Be Well and Happy!

4 thoughts on “Another Golden…..

  1. It is a fabulous capture and well done on the tongue. The first time I did one, I was having kittens. It all looks good to me, lovely soft fur, I never seem to do too well with pencil.
    Do you want some different reference shots? I have lots falcons, birds, owls and bits and pieces from the zoo!

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I love drawing in pencil, but I’m still itching to do some color. I think my problem is that supplies for acrylic and colored pencil are expensive and I’m afraid to waste where as supplies for pencils are cheap so I don’t care. I don’t know how I’m going to get out that mindset and it certainly stamps down the fun of learning a new medium. Silly huh! I would love and appreciate any reference photos of animals that you have…Thanks a bunch:)

    1. Thank you Vicki! I read your post about back up and storage space. David bought an external hard drive that works really good. We use it for backing up and storage. I really don’t know if that is what you’re looking for, but if it is give David a call:)

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