My IPod…


EDM #97 Draw a present you have received.  Why is it special?

Graphite and ink on sketch

David bought this for me a couple of years ago for Christmas and it is still a very special gift.  I always keep my IPod in my purse and whenever I’m bored or stuck in the car traveling  I am able to pull out this little piece of technology and I’m instantly entertained.  I guess I’m like a three-year old in that aspect and I always have to have something to do in a car or I will get really cranky.  Cars make me claustrophobic after a while and I have to take my mind off  of being in a metal box rolling at high speed.  I have lots of music, movies, games, books and a few photos that keeps me perfectly content for hours so it’s the coolest thing ever,  except maybe the ITouch….

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