Theatre Masks…

Theatre Mask

Theatre Masks

Pigma Micron on Bristol Smooth

(click on image to enlarge)

Just how awesome  can a Zentangle be?  I guess this AWESOME!  Though I have way too many hours in this and I’m very excited  how it turned out.  My niece Leigh is studying theatre in college and was the inspiration behind this piece. I was looking at her pictures on Facebook and I was thinking how cool…the pancake make-up… the costumes…the lighting…..Then,  BAM! the Theatre Masks were born.   I like when ideas sneak up on you and hit you like a ton of bricks!  Leigh is such a beautiful individual inside and out and I’m very excited to see what her future holds because I guarantee that it will be just spectacular! 

   BTW, I’m still working on the Van Gogh painting and it’s still going horrible, but I’m trying to hang in there!

8 thoughts on “Theatre Masks…

  1. absolutely amazinggggggg I LOVE MASKS,,IN my stuff,that is packed away, I have dozens ,,, but none as intricate as these..hoorah Ms thannggg you can rock it with you abilities!!!!!

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