An Apple A Day…

EDM#24 Draw a piece of fruit

Colored Pencil on Vellum Bristol

And so I drew another apple.  This is from a tutorial that I found on the internet.  But I used my own reference so I could call this my very own.  My drawing is wonky  and highlights and shadows are off, but I like how this turned out.  I have been in the world of black and white too long, it was so nice to play with my colors.  I wanted to do a couple of paintings this week, but my acrylics bit the dust.  They were cheap artist acrylics.  So I guess I got what I paid for.  I am going to bite the bullet and save up for Fluid acrylics.   I love to paint.  I am still at the hobby/learning/screwing up/pissed off/crying for my mommy/screwing up again stage and I hate to spend so much money on supplies, but what other artists say is true.  If you use poor quality materials, you get poor results.  And even though a lot of what I do is not up to par, atleast using good quality supplies makes it alot easier to learn. 

  In the meantime, my colored pencils came to the rescue and lifted my spirits immensely. 

     I think I am going to sign up for an art class on line in lieu of taking art class at PFAC.  I really liked my art class, but I don’t think she really has time to devote to her students. 
I’m a little disappointed, she is really talented and the class started out with a bang but ended in a fizzle.   It is such a shame I could and wanted to learn alot from her.  I still don’t know about the on line classes yet?  I have to do some background research on the instructor. 

FYI (from my last post) – Drafting film hates solvent, it takes the color completely off the film.  So it would probably make a great eraser. 




2 thoughts on “An Apple A Day…

  1. Red Delicious? Enjoyment should be the biggest aim in art for most of us and that means materials that make it a joy too. You are worth it and they go a long ways anyhow. It’s just expensive getting started.

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