Zendala Challenge #42

Micron, Marker on Card

This Zendala is this weeks Bright Owl Challenge. As usual, I  love the design, but this work goes to show you that not every idea is golden.  This took me hours to complete, so I thought that after all that work, I had to at least post.  I have been using these designs as note cards, because even though they are fun to complete, I had to do something with them when they were done. Luckily for me, the women in my life seem to enjoy them.  But this one is a definite do over!  I wanted to overlap the designs in gray and silver as sort of a fade out.  And in my head it was really beautiful!  But in real life, I just got confused in the pattern and I couldn’t make anything light enough, my pen was bleeding, my eye sight was failing and it was a big ole….MEH!

 Nevertheless, it was a good way to pass a cold Sunday evening…Well, the Zendala, coffee and Law and Order that is 😉

In my neck of the woods, today has been a beautiful and sunny.  I hope you have enjoyed some sunny skies too!

Be Well and Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Zenday…

  1. You are to hard on yoursef; I do like yout zendala very much. What a great idea to have it also as background.

  2. I like your design, it is as if the zendala is pinned at the paper later. Great effect, by adding just the right shading. It looks like a postcard to send. Well done:)

  3. You are not allowed to say your work is no good. I really like this. It may not match the idea in your head but the way you carried the design of the zendala into the background is very creative.

  4. now, you are being tough on yourself…I really like it, and wish I could come up with something so intricate, and consistent all at the same time!

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