zendala 31813

Zendala Dare #49 by Erin from The Bright Owl

Micron on Card

     The picture came out a little small, so if you want to see it bigger just click on the picture. 

    I guess this post was better late than never, as it was supposed to go up yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had to hit the floor running.  Nothing exciting but I had to do some cleaning, pay bills. Just day-to-day stuff that I had been putting off.  I wish I had the ability to make dust disappear as I do our money.  OR even better make the money multiply like dust.  Now, that would be sweeeet! But until I find dollar bunnies under the couch,  I guess those bills have to be paid.

Anyhoo,  I really like Erin’s pattern.  It flowed really well and the patterns came to me really fast.  I only wish I had some bling to glue on.  If I had more time I would have used some color, but I really wanted to get this up today.

I guess that’s about it for me today.  David just texted that he was on his way home for lunch and after he leaves I’m going to head over to Bright Owl to see what everyone has done.

Be Well and Happy!

9 thoughts on “Zenday…

  1. about dust–
    I am 74 and I have a few years of experience with dust.
    When you dust, the only thing that happens is that you rearrange the dust
    because in a few hours it is back again. My plan is when it all settles
    you have the same pattern again, so why bother, just use that time to draw
    more zentangles.

    1. Shirley I like the way you think! I could Zentangle in the dust and tell everyone it’s art, LOL 😉

    1. Thanks Jane 🙂 Those were cards that I bought at Michaels. I think you get like 10-15 note card with the envelopes for a dollar.

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