Hello, Long time no post, huh… For the last week or so, I have been making prints of my drawings.  Not an easy task, but I think I did a fairly good job of it.  I sent the  color work to my Dad’s shop  and my SIL is making the color prints for me as well as my business cards, brochures and even some presentation stuff.  It’s so great to come from a family of printers…hee, hee and I am so grateful for their help..Because it would have cost me a fortune that I didn’t have.  In return, I promised  to show them how to Zentangle.  But I will also make them little Zen-Art packets that they can take home.  I hope they will be pleased. 

   Also, I just wanted to let you in on a great offer.  I subscribe to the Strathmore newsletter. It’s an awesome newsletter.  Annnyway, they are offering FOR FREE a visual journal workshop series and if you want to sign up (click here) .  They give you a supply list and everything.  Now, don’t plan on seeing any of my journal here, but I may surprise you:)  If I get really brave.  

Be Well and Happy!

Putting it all together…



Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       I put everything I have learned over the past few months and I was able to complete this drawing.  Maybe I did get a little ahead of myself, but now I have a good grasp of landscapes and buildings.   I feel much better about my upcoming commission of an old homestead which worried me to no end and it never hurts to expand your portfolio, right?

  This is the only drawing that I have, but I’ve been very busy in my absence.  I have been preparing for an arts and crafts show.  Believe me when I tell you, that I am not a crafter.  So this has been a difficult experience, but it’s also a good opportunity to sell my art.  So I’m sucking it up and making a few crafts as well as selling some of my prints. 

This is just a peek at the stuff I’m selling, but it gives you a pretty good idea.  The glass is a lot of fun to paint, which was a pleasant surprise.  ( If you have any ideas of what I can paint on these glasses, please let me know.  I have a bunch more and I’m running out of ideas, lol)….I’m also selling rice bags, handmade cards, bookmarks, Zentangle art,  jewelry as well as some prints and orginials….So wish me luck:)

Be Well and Happy!


This Zentangle reminds me of the Alien movie for some reason, I think it’s the tubes…It also has a Celtic vibe to it too.  Pretty Cool, huh?  You know I’m just going to have to draw a bigger one.

I have been doing pretty well with my creative resolutions.   I made some curtains for my bathroom.  Our windows are kinda small and I was able to buy one panel, cut it in half  to make a set of curtains.  I think this should count as refashioning too. 

 Also, I’m beading a necklace.  It has one focal bead and many strands of tube beads.  I’ll post my results later on.   As for the art?  I’m pressing on.  I have an old  building on my drawing board, but it’s a slow go.    Drawing landscapes and buildings are still so new to me that I get a little lost, but it’s very challenging so it keeps me interested:)

Well, I guess that’s about it. 

Be Well and Happy!



Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       I wish I could say that I have some new art work to show you, but I don’t.  I do have a few more pets that I needed to post to my blog.  So, I guess it’s a good thing that I have been hoarding those back.  There really hasn’t been too much going on lately.  Just the one mosaic fiasco and not much else…except for a little reading and research. 

       I did go home this past weekend for Christmas,  so that was fun.  I know it seems a little late to celebrate Christmas, but my mom has kept her tree up as late as July for us to spend Christmas together.  My sister and brother-in-law were in the military and there was just no telling when they would be able to come in.  So we wait until everyone can be there. Well, almost everyone…David stayed home with the dog.  It bummed me out a little, but I still had a good time. 

     Right now I am dog sitting my sister’s Yorkie pup because one of our nephews (her son) is graduating from Basic Training this week.  The Yorkie is a little bitty thing and his name is Biggie Paws. It’s an interesting experience because Sam is kinda old and I have forgotten how much work a puppy is, but we are muttling through.  

      I do have plans to do some Zentangling.  I haven’t drawn any in a while and I can’t let myself get too distracted at least until Thursday or I will be playing the find the poop or the guess what I’m stepping in game.  And a Zentangle is a perfect way to get my art fix and still be able to take care of Biggie. Well, I guess this is about it for now and I hope I will be posting a Zentangle soon.   If you are yawning while reading this post, that’s ok…If I were reading this instead of typing it, I would be too:)

Be Well and Happy!


November 26

I hope this post finds everyone safe and full of turkey!  This Zentangle is made with just a few patterns.  You can’t believe the self-control it took not to add just one more here or one more there.  I just love all those crazy little things.  I cut out a bunch of 3.5 x 3.5 paper to draw these on and I have no idea what to do with them all.  I think they would make some pretty cool coasters if I could figure out how to waterproof them. I would laminate them, but I don’t think that the lamination would keep the water out after a couple of uses. 

I hope you have a creative day!


Be Well and Happy!

November 15

   This Zentangle was supposed to look like fabric, but most of the spaces look  like stripped clam shells.  I didn’t like it at first, but I kinda do now, so I decided that this is AEDM for today. 

   This past weekend was our annual shopping trip.  My mom, sisters, aunt, cousin and  I go every year.  I didn’t get to go last year so it was extra fun for me.  Our trips consists of hitting the malls all day and after we are done shopping we treat ourselves to a big steak dinner.  Then we go back to the room to digest, then wake up and do it again.  I’m sore from all the walking and my feet hurt but I was very productive and managed to finish my Christmas shopping  and extra early too.  Yay ME! 

I hope everyone enjoys their creative day.. and thank you for commenting on my last post and I will be visiting you today too:)



Be Well and Happy!

November 10

This morning I decided to draw a Zentangle for AEDM (Art Every Day Month).  Being in this AEDM group has given me the opportunity to see some pretty diverse stuff by some pretty awesome artists.  I have to admit coming up with something to post everyday isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun seeing what everyone comes up with and I can’t wait to see more:)

 When I went to my art/craft room I had such a cute little surprise waiting for me.  It’s a little present from my one and only masterpiece.

 Have a great creative Wednesday!

Be Well and Happy!

November 2

   I was very excited to start on the AEDM challenge when I went to bed last night.  Unfortunately, my body decided  it was the perfect time to wake up sick.  So, now I have a stuffy nose, sore throat and an ear and headache.  I’m hoping it maybe allergies of some kind. 

This little Zentangle isn’t exactly what I had in mind for my first creative day, but it is creative. 

If you would like to start making your own Zentangles, I will leave you with couple of links so you can create your own:

Zentangle.com – from Maria and Rick the creators of Zentangle .  They have newsletters with patterns, kits available for purchase and class registration.  This is their Blog.

Tanglepatterns.com – has patterns galore!

Be Well and Happy!

Alana’s Zentangle…


Ink/colored pencil/graphite  on Bristol smooth

     I made my daughter a happy camper Monday morning when I finished this for her.  She picked out the colors,  the patterns and kept watch to see how it was coming along.  She was a little disappointed when she went to bed Sunday night and her Zentangle wasn’t done.  So, I stayed up and finally completed it a little after midnight then I popped in a frame and put it on the counter. When she went to the kitchen that morning, she had her little surprise waiting for and I hope that it was a good start to her Monday. 

   I wish the image was a lot better, but I’m nothing if I’m not consistent, LOL… 

Be Well and Happy!


Vicki’s birthday gift…


(click on photo to enlarge)

Ink/Graphite on Bristol Smooth

      Oops…I had some perfectly good art work to post and I had forgotten all about it.  This piece measures about 10.75 inches in diameter and it has about 32-34  patterns in it.  I have wanted to draw a round one for a long time and when Vicki (my sister-in-law) asked for a Zentangle for her birthday, it gave my the perfect opportunity. I like the look of the bigger zentangles better than the smaller ones.  I think she liked it, I hope she did.

      While I was drawing the zentangle,  Alana sat with me every chance she got.  She would watch me draw and would ask me every little bit, “Can I have this?”  I had to keep telling her that this was for Vicki, but I did promise that the next one would be just for her.  So, today we went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts and picked out a frame and she even went through my pattern notebook and wrote down each little pattern that she wanted.   Umm, I wonder if she’ll make me sign off for each pattern to make sure it meets her specifications.  Nah, I like to see her get excited and it makes me feel good that she wants one:)

Well, I guess that’s about it for now,  Happy Labor Day Everybody!!!!

Be Well and Happy!