Hand lettering…

In my last post I mentioned Joann Fink’s Zenspirations.  I really enjoyed playing around with her techniques and her take on hand lettering.  What you may not know about me, is that a long time ago I used to be a hand lettering artist.  Of course at the time I didn’t know that the “hand lettering artist” label even existed, I just did it.  I would hand letter  invitations, certificates, signs, buildings, banners and even race cars.  I just loved writing fancy and manipulating letters.  But that was so many years ago…and I’m so rusty..Hand lettering is not like riding a bike, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  So, let’s just say I lost it, lol.. but I’ve been practicing and below is some of my efforts:

As you can probably see, my spacing is a little off  but hey, I haven’t done this in like 18 years.  So I’m  not going to beat myself up over it.

After I finished Joann’s hearts and drew the letters I really wanted to do something cool with these.  So, I decided to make these for my daughter and of course a set for myself

These are just transfers from my printer and ironed on reg. white t-shirts.  I think they look pretty cool.  Oooooo, if I had a screen print press I would be dangerous!

I guess I was Zenspired!

Be Well and Happy!


This Zentangle reminds me of the Alien movie for some reason, I think it’s the tubes…It also has a Celtic vibe to it too.  Pretty Cool, huh?  You know I’m just going to have to draw a bigger one.

I have been doing pretty well with my creative resolutions.   I made some curtains for my bathroom.  Our windows are kinda small and I was able to buy one panel, cut it in half  to make a set of curtains.  I think this should count as refashioning too. 

 Also, I’m beading a necklace.  It has one focal bead and many strands of tube beads.  I’ll post my results later on.   As for the art?  I’m pressing on.  I have an old  building on my drawing board, but it’s a slow go.    Drawing landscapes and buildings are still so new to me that I get a little lost, but it’s very challenging so it keeps me interested:)

Well, I guess that’s about it. 

Be Well and Happy!

Ink pens….

EDM#31 Draw something you collect

Ball point on copy paper


When I was little I absolutely loved getting school supplies.  I would hid packs of paper under the bed and roll up every pen and pencil I could find in a rubberband.  I would get in so much trouble, because I lifted my brother and sisters’ stuff as well.   To this day I still can’t deny my love for a cool pen.  So, many moons ago, you can’t imagine my happiness working as a Patient Care Coordinator in a doctor’s office.  There were alot of perks that I miss:  free treatment with medication for colds and such,  the drug reps would bring us free lunch and cookies, then we would work half day Fridays.  But what I really enjoyed were the weird and crazy ink pens we would get.  Man, I loved those pens.  Patients would try to take them all the time, but I never let one slip by me.  I still have a lot of them even though they no longer write.  I guess I should throw them away…but…I probably won’t