Ink pens….

EDM#31 Draw something you collect

Ball point on copy paper


When I was little I absolutely loved getting school supplies.  I would hid packs of paper under the bed and roll up every pen and pencil I could find in a rubberband.  I would get in so much trouble, because I lifted my brother and sisters’ stuff as well.   To this day I still can’t deny my love for a cool pen.  So, many moons ago, you can’t imagine my happiness working as a Patient Care Coordinator in a doctor’s office.  There were alot of perks that I miss:  free treatment with medication for colds and such,  the drug reps would bring us free lunch and cookies, then we would work half day Fridays.  But what I really enjoyed were the weird and crazy ink pens we would get.  Man, I loved those pens.  Patients would try to take them all the time, but I never let one slip by me.  I still have a lot of them even though they no longer write.  I guess I should throw them away…but…I probably won’t

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