It’s worth the Likes!

I thought about not posting this, because it  does not have anything to do with anything really. The only thing creative about it is that if you are willing to give it a try? It will save you A LOT of money.   So…. to prove how much I want to share the love and help you save money to buy art supplies, I will post this and I will take one for the team and reveal more about me that I ever wanted to discuss on this blog!

I don’t know about you, but razor blades are way too expensive.  David and I both like the Fusion Blades and they range from 13.00-18.00/for four blades.  To me it ridiculous, but the cheap razors are painful as the dickens!

In April, I happened along this video.  I thought it was promising so I gave it a try. With it being Spring and Summer, I shaved almost everyday (the whole leg and bikini)  and I used the same blade under my arms.

The results?   I was using the same Fusion blade in August!   I have very very dry sensitive skin and it did not cause any irritation or pain.  The only con was that the shave was not as close as if it was a new razor.  But that’s it!

So let’s to the math?  A pack of 4 blades will last me an entire year and 4 months!  I also, have tried this method with the Venus (yellow blades) and works pretty much the same.

***If you decide to try this, use men’s jeans not women’s…

Now that I have shared this  with you, my next post will be regarding:  pre menopause, PMS and bikini wax and excess facial hair….Nah, just kiddin’…  I think?

I hope you have a wonderfully creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

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