I’m here…

   For the past month or two I’ve been playing with my pencils.  I’ve been doing exercises out of the books that I hate so much…lol  The drawings on the table are from the exercises in Gary Greene’s book, so this is as close as I dare photograph the artwork.  It’s only to prove that I have been doing something constructive.  It’s just too bad that the work belongs to Mr. Greene 😦     If it was actually mine, there’s about 2 weeks worth of posts, LOL

Also, I changed the looks of my blog.  It’s a big difference from my black and  It’s Psychedelic Baby!  So far I like it, even if it’s a little blinding.

I’m sorry,  but this is about as exciting as it gets around here lately.

Well, I hope everyone has a great Monday:)

Be Well and Happy!

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