The Late Sheriff Graham….

Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman, shepherd, werewolf guy (?) from Once Upon A Time

played by Jamie Dornan

 Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       When Regina Mills (The evil queen)  took his heart out of that little box and squished it together I was P.O’d!  I’m not real happy about killing his character off, but I’m hoping somewhere in Storybrooke there is a wolf running around that’s actually Sheriff Graham…we’ll have to see.

      This is my  first male (grown)  portrait…yep,  finally did it and with a mustache and beard no less!  I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I drew his face first to full completion. I was upset that it didn’t look anything like him, but I pressed on and drew in his facial hair and there he is!  The facial hair was so easy and a nice surprise.  I just drew short little pencil strokes and followed the curve of the face.  Drawing facial hair is alot like drawing animal hair.  Just remember it’s thicker at the bottom, but you can see the skin beneath and sparse going into the face.  I think it is a great likeness, but of course my sister thought it was Ricky Martin.

I hope everyone enjoys some sunny skies this weekend!

Be Well and Happy!

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