7 .75 in., Pigma Micron and misc. felt tip on Bristol smooth 

       This is the new thing in the Zentangle world.  It is adapted from the Indian mandalas.  Zentangle + Mandala= Zendala!    The traditional size for the official zentangle is about 3.5 inches (don’t quote me, it’s a guesstimate) but, I usually draw them a bit bigger.  These eyes don’t work as well as the use to, so I like to go as big as possible.  I think the Zendala is very ‘arty” and absolutely beautiful (IMO).  I think it’s because there is a certain order and uniformity to the Zendala  that really appeals to me.  I still like the traditional Zentangling, and still do them often.  I guess that’s all I have for now.  I hope everyone enjoys warm weather and sunny skies for the week-end.

Be Well and Happy!

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