I turned 2 and I missed it….


Graphite on Duralar

     I can’t believe I missed my blogaversary!  I would smack myself but in all fairness it’s been a pretty crappy month.  I have had two family members pass away within weeks of each other  and  my little big girl is recuperating from a nasty cold and a double ear infection.    So thank goodness, I found this drawing in my computer that I could post on this belated occasion.   Drawing on duralar is like taking a chicken bone to a gun fight,   But hey! I did it, it looks ok and I’ll never have to do it again.

 I love my blog and I’m really blessed for my virtual artist friends and  family members for their love and support…then I would like to thank the Academy…(hee hee just kidding).    It means a lot that I can go to an artist’s blog and ask ,”Hey, could you tell me how you did that?”  And they tell me with no hesitation.  Another example is when I  bought this drawing book and I didn’t understand some of what author was trying to get across, so I emailed her.  She took time out of her busy schedule and she explained it to me again,  breaking the instruction down more for me. She didn’t have to and could have easily told me to shove off or buy another one of her books, but she didn’t.  It’s many many little things like that has kept me going for the last two years  and makes me want to keep going, keep drawing, and keep learning….  I hope one day that I will be able to pay it forward.   

 Thank you!

Be Well and Happy!

16 thoughts on “I turned 2 and I missed it….

  1. Wishing you all good things for the rest of 2010 as you enter the second month of your blog’s third (!!!) year. Your blossom is the perfect and beautiful image to accompany your own artistic growth. Bravo!

  2. Happy birthblogday! Your drawing is beautiful, in the enlarged view I could appreciate all the delicate lines.

  3. Happy Birthday! Beautiful drawing- absolutely beautiful. And I couldn’t agree more about the supportive artist community out there. Ain’t it grand? (And I loved your chicken bone in a gun fight comment!)

  4. Happy belated anniversary! your blog is beautiful– I’ve enjoyed looking at all your work — terrific animal portraits!
    I love the composition of your lily drawing — nice job!

  5. Gorgeous soft petals but I too was wondering what duralar is? Happy blogoversary, sorry to hear family life is not so good right now, take care ~ Chrissy

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