New Look and a Sad Dog


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

    First, We’ll talk about the dog.  He is the last portrait that I had hidden away from Christmas.  I wish I had something cute to share about him, but   I don’t know any of his history and  I didn’t even find out his name or the names of the owners.   I was asked to do the portrait and I drew it and there it is.  The only little tidbit I got was a he was a beloved member of the family and he had passed away.  The owners were very pleased  with the portrait though, which is always good news.

    Now my new look.  As you know,  I have wanted to change my banner and come up with a name for my blog.  So, I was completely ecstatic when Alana gave me Photoshop Elements 8 for Christmas.  I know my banner is too busy…I tried, but I could’nt get that background out.  So I decided that for now I will just leave well enough alone.   I would probably change it a hundred times anyway, even if I thought it was perfect.

Be Well and Happy!  

4 thoughts on “New Look and a Sad Dog

  1. The owners must have been very pleased with the portrait. I do like your new banner. It’s on my list, but I have to get smarter before I can complete the project.

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