Graphite on Bristol Smooth

     This is another portrait that I worked on that was a Christmas gift.  The original looks so much better than the image above, but at least you have an idea of what he looks like.  I was asked to draw two of him in the same pose.    Drawing people is still pretty scary for me….Sometimes they work out and most of the time they don’t.  So as I write that I am extremely proud of this portrait, it’s a huge understatement.   I still have a hard time with blonde hair  though, but I’ll worry about that another day.  

      I have been breaking in my new easel and painting like crazy!  Not that I have anything remotely nice enough or finished enough to show…but I am really having fun making a complete mess:)  So even though it may not be good for the eyes, it is definitely good for the soul.

Be Well and Happy! 




2 thoughts on “Jacob….

  1. Well done, getting a good likeness can be another art in itself. It also looks as though you have captured real personality in there.
    It sounds like a lot of fun you are having painting, I seem to have lost my mojo! But, hey it will come back

  2. Hey Carol! Still love looking at this drawing. Chrissy is right, you did capture personality! Have fun with your easel! See you soon with the quilt! love you!

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